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Amazing Facts

These 25 ‘interesting facts’ one must read

Let’s know some very interesting and rarely known facts.

1. If a list of useless names is made, then the top of the city of FUCKING in Austria

2. Where on the one hand people are starving in the world, more than half of the world’s food is thrown each year.

3. Whether you believe it or not, the habit of writing the doctors in a weird manner takes the lives of 7,000 people every year.

4. About 72% of shopping karts are worn handles.

5. There are several small diamond pieces in the candle flame.

6. By the way, there is no control over birth and death, but no one in China without government permission can be restored.

7. Every cigarette whose smoke goes to your body reduces your life by 11 minutes.

8. 80% of the Earth’s living beings are insects.

9. Michael Jackson was killed in the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center but he remained sleeping at home and his meeting was canceled.

10. Body textures of pigs are such that they can not see the sky.

11. Nobody knows who invented the fire extinguishers because its patent was destroyed by burning fire.

12. Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, Allan Pau and Saddam Hussein had a strange similarity. They had married only with their relatives.

13. Saudi Arabia costs only $ 2 per liter of oil per liter, while this oil is sold to other countries for $ 100 a barrel. (Maybe that’s why Sheikh is so rich.)

14. False notes are printed more than real notes in the world every year.

15. If Neil Armstrong believed, he had only 50 percent confidence in coming back to Earth from the moon.

16. Saffron is the world’s most valuable spice, which you may have to spend up to $ 500 to buy just one pound volume (about 400 grams).

17. IQ of unbelievable people is weak.

18. The weight of the tongue of the blue whale is almost equal to one elephant.

19. Thinking in a foreign language can be helpful in making better decisions.

20. At least 15 research today proves that Vitamin C is not cure for colds.

21. In the world, 250 dead people have been kept in the snow, who are looking forward to reviving future technology.

22. Hitler was saved by a pastor at the age of 4 when he was drowning in the river.

23. What is so strange is that the total budget of the movie “Titanic” was more than the total value of the “Titanic” ship.

24. Bill Gates deposits around $ 100 million in property tax every year for his home.

25. A woman in Michigan gave birth to her children on 8/8/8, 9/9/9 and 10/10/10. Is itnot a  weird coincidence ??


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