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The Woodcutter boy : Kids story moralful

Written by Vikk

There was a poor boy in a village whose name was Mohan. Mohan was very intelligent but due to being a little less educated he was unable to find a job. One day wandering he reached near a wood merchant. The businessman gave him the job of cutting trees from the forest after seeing the boy’s condition.
Mohan had now become a logger. Mohan was very excited by the new job, he went to the forest and cut 18 trees in the first day. The trader also praised Mohan, listening to the words became Mohan and Gaggad and worked more hard on the next day. But what is this? He found only 15 trees cut. The trader said – do not worry about anything.

On the third day, he put more emphasis but only 10 trees could get it. Now Mohan was very unhappy but he could not understand himself. He used to work more than he did every day but the tree would have been less cut. He asked the businessman – I work hard all day, but still the number of trees is getting reduced. The trader asked – when did you put your ax into the ax? Speak Mohan – Dhar? I do not have the time to bend, I keep busy doing the tree all day long. Merchant – That’s why your number of trees is decreasing day by day.

Friends, this is also applicable to our lives, we go to work in the job every morning, do a lot of work, but we do not improve our axes like Skills. We become so busy in living our life that we can not even assume our body as an ax and as a result we are unhappy.

It is not a bad thing to work harder friends but Smart Work is better than Hard Work, this is the story of this Hindi story.

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