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The little bird- Moral short story for kids

Written by Vikk

Long time ago, there used to be a very dense forest. Once for some reason a fierce fire broke out in the entire forest. All the animals were scared to see what would happen now ??

In a short spell of the forest, all the animals were fleeing from there, the entire forest was engaged in saving their lives. There used to be a single bird in that forest. He saw that all the animals are scared. There is a fire in the forest. I should help them all.

By thinking of this, she soon went to the nearby river and brought water in the peak and started putting it in the fire. The bird used to go to the river repeatedly and pour water in the beak. An owl was passing from nearby, he saw this act of bird and started thinking about how foolish this bird is, how can it be soaked by water in this beak by fierce fire.

Thinking that he went to the bird and said that you are a fool, such a fire can not be quenched.

The bird responded with a lot of humility – “I know that nothing will happen to my efforts, but I have to do the best by my side, the fierce fire will be but I will not give up my effort”

Owl was very impressed by this.

Friends, this same thing applies to our lives too. When there is a problem, the person fears the fear of defeat, but we should continue to try without fear, this is the story of this story.

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