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Interseting : Discovery of Tea

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Story of Discovery of tea.

It is believed that tea was discovered in 2737 b.c. by Shen Nong, a legendary Chinese Emperor. According to Chinese literature,there are two stories about the discovery of Tea. Shen Nong was the great researcher of Chinese herbal medicine and agriculture.

The two stories about how tea was discovered are as follows,
1. Shen Nong once suffered of food poisoning after tasting some wild herbs. He suffered from severe stomach pain and also his throat was dried. While trying to recover from the food poisoning he found some leaves falling from a tree , he tasted them and as he put it in his mouth he was amazed by their flavour . Afterwards he researched on their medical use and found that Tea leaves are of good medicinal use as well as have good flavour. Many people believe that this way tea was discovered.

2. Once , Shen Nong was going on to visit some distant place in his region. He along with his servants and others stopped to take rest as he was tired .His servants began to boil water for him to drink when suddenly some leaves fell into the water and after some time the water got light brown colour. Shen Nong drank it and found it refreshing . This way Tea was discovered as per belief of many.
Tea was always as one of the Chinese medicine until around 3rd or 4th centuries that tea became a beverage.

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