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I Love You – (Ford Love Series Comics)

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I Love You – (Ford Love Series Comics)

“I Love You” (Love Comics) was a romance comic published by Charlton Comics from 1955–1980.
Notable creators who worked on the title included inker Vince Alascia, who contributed to nearly every issue during its 25-year run. Joe Sinnott drew many early covers; most were inked by Vince Colletta, who worked on the title during the period 1959–1968. Dick Giordano illustrated a number of covers during this period as well. Charles Nicholas was a frequent contributor from 1959–1976. Norman Nodel illustrated for the title from 1966 – c. 1972. Art Capello drew for the title throughout the 1970s, including many covers.

Recurring features:-

Starting in the mid-1960s, “I Love You” featured rotating advice columns by Jeannette Copeland and Harold Gluck. Copeland’s column was known as “Just Jeannette,” while Gluck’s were alternately titled “Canteen Corner” and “Teen-Age Troubles.”In 1972–1973, the comic started featuring cameos by pop singers and actors such as Bobby Sherman, Susan Dey, Shirley Jones, and David Cassid.

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