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How to download Comics files on Android ?

Here is.. How to download comics files in android.

The procedure to download files is same till step 2 of instructions given in all posts.

Next is –

In android devices or ios devices you will find that there is no direct download option/button when you open the given link in post. Instead you will see a button to download and install android/ios app. But if you don’t want to download and install the app and want to download the file directly, you can do it by following –

Pic 1 – No Download Link


  • On your android device upon opening the download link select for  Request Desktop Site  option on your browser.

Pic 2 –  Check the Request Desktop Site option.

  • Now wait or refresh the opened page and you will find the direct download button.

Pic 3 – Direct Download Link is available.

  • Click on download button and your file downloading will start.


You can also download the file by downloading and installing the app first. It is quite simple, Just choose for option Open file in Mega app and in next step you will get a download link.