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Clever monkey and the crocodile

Written by Love


Once upon a time there was a thick forest. There was a river through the forest. Plenty of fruit trees were on the bank of the river. A novel fruit tree on the bank of the river. There was a monkey living on that tree. He ate novel fruits daily and was fleshy.

One day while he plucked the fruits from the tree some fruits fall down. Unexpectedly the fruits fallen near the crocodile who was longing for those fruits. He took the fruits fastly how much he can. Wow! They were tasty.

The very next day he was waiting for the monkey to pluck the fruits. He requested him to give him some of them. The monkey gave. This was continued.Soon they became good friends. One day the crocodile decided to give some fruits and get rid of his wife’s love. He took it off. She astonished. And she was speechless for a while. She asked her husband to get some fruits daily. The monkey was happy to give the fruits to the crocodile family.mandc03FFC
One day there rose plan in the mind of the crocodile’s wife. She told to her husband about her plan that she wanted the heart of that monkey who regularly gives these frits. He was shocked. He refused her plan. He was not willing to loose his friendship with his friend. But day by day his wife tortured him very rudely.
mandc04FFCThe crocodile was helpless. He was in corner. So he decided to do according the plan of his wife. One day he asked his friend to come his home for dinner. The monkey was afraid. He told that he was unable to take part the dinner ‘cause his friend’s house is in side the river under the rock.

But the crocodile convinced him. One day the crocodile told monkey that the dinner is ready on the rock. So the monkey begun the journey to the party was sitting on the back of the crocodile. In the middle of the river the crocodile begun to draw. The monkey was screaming. But the crocodile was did bothered about that. The monkey begged to stop drowning.
The crocodile replied that he wanted his heart, because, If the fruits were delicious what about the monkey’s flesh and especially his heart. The monkey only took the fruits for his food. He told that is not only his wish and also his wife’s wish too.

After hearing this the monkey started to laugh. The crocodile was confused. He asked him “why are you laughing”. The monkey replied “Oh! My stupid friend if you asked me about heart when I was on the tree, it was easy to me. Because I just keep it there for dry. If you took me back I will give it to you eagerly”. Immediately the crocodile took him back to the bank. When they reached the bank the monkey jumped over the tree. And the monkey told “Oh! Fool who can live without heart?
mandc06FFCI lied to save my soul. The friendship is over. Bye” and went on. The crocodile lost his friend by the wrong desire of his own.

Moral: The person who wants to cheat others will be cheated and lose everything.

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