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How to post a blank status or comment on Facebook

Written by Love

Posting blank post or comment on Facebook:

Did you ever tried to update a blank status or comment on facebook. If you have tried it you had been noticed that upon clicking update or post button the page just keep reloading and no result comes out. Well, Friends here I inform you that I came across a trick applying which you can amaze your friends by posting a blank status or comment. Well, friends let me show you now what the trick is to post the blank status or comment . Follow below given steps :

Login to facebook. (If not logged in already)
Type the code @[0:0: ] in the status box or in comment box .
Post, update or share and see the wonder.

This way your friends will be surely amazed . Now If u have the question that , What is the significance of the blank status or comment? Well , It may be just a way saying ‘I am speechless’ or ‘no comment’
So you can use this trick easily wherever you find it relevant.

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