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Bad start – A moral story for kids

Written by Vikk

Hariya was farming in a village. The land was not very much for cultivation but it was enough for Haria’s small family to nurture. Haria took the bull from the bullock to the farm and then came back in the evening only.

One day the bull’s bull fell ill There was only one bull left in the pair of 2 oxen, the other bull had high fever. Hariya was very sad to see the condition of his bull. This bull was brought to the family day by day working hard in the field, so it was shameful to see him sick.

Hariya did not have so much money to take the ox to a veterinary hospital and treat it. Harrying in sadness, Hariya was going to the fields in the day that suddenly the window of his house was opened to him.

When Haria went to see, he saw a gold cloth near the window. The clock was so close that Haryana could easily lift it, but the Spirit of Haryana forbade the inside that stealing is sin.

Haria was just 2 steps ahead and again he thought of a sick bull again. He thought that now he is stolen today but after today, swear I will never steal. Just thinking about this, Hariya took the watch and sold it in the market and sold it.

On that day, the work of Hariya was done but now whenever any problem arises in front of him, he starts thinking of stealing. When money was needed, he wanted to steal someone’s house. What once was stolen, the condition of the heart of Haryana changed.

Now Haryana has reduced the hard work in the field too. Whenever Haryana needed money, Haria could steal a little fat but could not survive for long. One day Haria was caught stealing a Seth house and he was thrown into jail and imposed a fine on him that his house was sold all the way.

Now Hariya was cursing that day when she had stolen for the first time. Nor did he steal that day, nor would he steal his habit, but what could have happened now, when the bird swallowed the farm.

Guys, think carefully, we have had such bad habits. We once lied for our own benefit but later this lie becomes our habit. Many times we make excuses to avoid work but making this excuse becomes our habit.

The truth is that you do not start the work you do not want, because if you have started a bad habit once and you will do it again and again, your whole life will be surrounded by bad habits.

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