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Baba Yaaga – (Bhokal Comics) Download

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Baba Yaaga – (Bhokal Comics) 

Bhokal is a fictional superhero appearing in Raj Comics. Most of the stories of Bhokal Comics are based on dark fantasy with blood and gore.
He is a legendary winged warrior prince of a fictional fabled Parilok (fairyland). He descended to earth to take part in a fighting tournament and landed in Vikasnagar, becoming a zealous defender of the people of Vikasnagar.


How to download ? 


  1. Click on the link button below or Copy the link address given below.
  2. Paste the copied link in the url box and search , a page will open.
  3. On this page, wait for some time and you will get download link.
    Click on the link and downloading will start.

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